The town of the Battle painted by Leonardo da Vinci



Anghiari is a small village surrounded and immersed in the splendid Tuscan countryside where life flows slowly.

It was the Battle of Anghiari on 29 June 1440 that established the borders of Tuscany with the victory of the Florentines over the Milanese. Later Leonardo da Vinci made it famous with the masterpiece he painted in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, unfortunately now lost.
Anghiari, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, develops along the steep 'ruga' , line,  that crosses the town making it unique: in the historic center, narrow alleys and magical corners, give way to small squares with artisan shops and furniture restoration workshops; churches and museums guard the masterpieces of our history and at every corner it is the panorama that becomes a work of art for the eyes.
Throughout the year the town is full of life, thanks to the many events made possible both by the administration and by an active participation of the citizens: fairs, exhibitions, concerts that combine arts, historical and folkloric traditions and the superb local gastronomy!

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