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God's little valley

Caprese Michelangelo, in the name of the town itself, bears the memory of the famous Michelangelo Buonarroti, who was born here on March 6, 1475. The territory is made up of a verdant valley, dominated by the wooded mass of Alpe di Catenaia, called Alpe della Faggeta or, simply, Faggeto, and crowned on the top by the vast and restful grassy expanse of the Prati della Regina. Due to its serene and secluded beauty, far from the clamor of the world, this valley has also been called "God's little valley".

The castle of Caprese stands in the center of the village,  witness to the long history of the place: according to a legend, Totila, the barbarian king of the Ostrogoths is buried here together  with his treasure. Caprese Michelangelo is not organized in a single nucleus but is scattered in various small villages and groups of houses, like in a nativity scene. Here and there there are characteristic villages, ancient stone buildings and centers of faith and spirituality scattered in the woods or in the meadows, such as the Eremo della Casella, the Sanctuary of the Selva, the Abbey of Tifi and the Pieve di San Cassiano. There are countless itineraries that can be done in the midst of nature, both on foot and by mountain bike. Although the territory is not very large (66 sq. Km. In all), Caprese Michelangelo has numerous accommodation facilities and is also renowned for its restaurant business, with specialties based on mushrooms and truffles.