A series of mezmerizing lakes that enchant with their games of mirrors, protected to help recover and conserve  the river environment and its inhabitants

 The Golena del Tevere Protected Natural Area is located between Sansepolcro and Anghiari and protects a stretch of the Tiber downstream of the Montedoglio dam with the aim of recovering and enhancing the river environment, altered by the construction of the dam and by the presence of numerous artificial lakes due to mining, now recolonized by nature.
The area consists of a typically floodplain vegetation composed of species capable of resisting temporary submersions, such as willows and black poplar, which extends from the river bed to the artificial lakes, where the presence of cattail straws favors the permanence of birds such as the little bittern, the kingfisher, the coot and the mallard. The fish fauna has suffered from the effects of the reservoir but nevertheless it preserves interesting species such as the chub, the vairone and the tiberine barbel.
How to access:
You can access the reserve with the CAI path n.14 which from Santa Fiora reaches Albiano, and from there take any of the numerous gravel roads that branch off to reach the Tiber.