Admire fallow deer, mouflons and deer, in freedom among pastures and woods for a day in unspoiled nature.

A boundless park where you can admire families of fallow deer, mouflons and deer, free to move in the pastures and woods of Turkey oaks and hornbeams.
The Ranco Spinoso Wildlife Park extends for about 100 hectares on the slopes of Monte Serra di Battiroli, in the municipality of Sestino on the border with the Marche region. The fallow deer, mouflons and deer can be seen in all their beauty and in a condition of freedom from comfortable structures positioned within the large pastures and woods consisting mostly of Turkey oaks, hornbeams and maples.
Dormice, porcupines and foxes as well as birds of prey such as kestrels and buzzards are also part of the population of the park .
Near the park there an equipped rest area with tables, grills and a kitchen for visitors that can also be used in bad weather and a kiosk with a bar for breakfasts and snacks.

cover photo credits: @viaggiesorrisi