The historic center of Sansepolcro is a real "widespread museum", a set of large and small works of art, which together and in their harmony make it a special place to visit. The city, defended by a massive wall and by the Sangallo Fortress, presents the layout and characteristics of a late medieval town with important thoroughfares dotted with noble palaces, churches and narrow alleys full of charm.

Sansepolcro is historically  a rich city strongly devoted to commerce, cultural and spiritual life. It is precisely the churches of Sansepolcro and its palaces that best represent the idea of an open-air museum, enclosing within them a remarkable artistic heritage handed down to us over the centuries. One of the most interesting features of this historic center, studied by urban planners from all over the world, is that the monuments, churches and convents are never configured as isolated buildings but there are always alignments.